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Austin M. DeLong

Aspiring Design & Technology Engineer

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Pennsylvania College of Technology Wildcats

Pennsylvania College of Technology
Class of 2024

My work


Austin DeLong Racing

Ever since I was a young child, racing has always fascinated me. My parents bought me a racing go-kart at a very young age, willing to support me throughout the start of my racing career. After several feature wins and multiple championships, my name has started to create value showing up to different racetracks. My father and I have spent 15 years perfecting our chassis setup and have recently started helping others with their chassis setups. What

makes us so valuable is our willingness and dedication to go faster while respecting the rulebook. With this dedication in mind, I plan to apply that to my college experiences. I am currently enrolled at Pennsylvania College of Technology on track to earn a bachelors degree in design and technology engineering using 3D parametric modeling software in computers. All of my work has been done in Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor. My abilities strengthen with each class I take because of the small class sizes, great professors, and amazing hands-on learning. I am very excited to apply for internships with a readiness to learn about the workforce and take on important company projects and assignments. 


Kart Insider
Champaka Thai Massage & Spa

H.A. DeLong Ent. Inc.

Opferman Mechanical Services

FIRST Robotics

Chartiers Valley High School Robotics Team 4991

I was a 3 year member of team 4991 Horsepower Robotics out of Chartiers Valley High School. I was very valuable in the machine shop and CAD rooms, taking charge of most machining jobs. In the summer of 2019, I earned a FIRST Advanced Machining Certificate from Kettering University. For the next two years, I was very valuable to the team with an engineering mindset and ability to

construct working prototypes. As a bonus, I was the backup driver my first year and the primary driver the next two years after. I was constantly working on the robot and making changes to do better each round we competed during our competition. Unfortunately the COVID-19 virus ended the 2020 season just after our first of two competitions. Feeling lucky we were able to compete, but disappointed the season ended early, the team was very disappointed with the outcome. Joining the FIRST Community and being a major part of my high school's robotics team is a decision I do not regret. I have learned great life lessons such as prototyping, working with machinery, presentation skills, and gracious professionalism while competing. 

FIRST Robotics Alumni

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My Availability

Monday - Thursday
3:00pm - 8:00pm

11:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday - Sunday
11:00am - 3:00pm

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